Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Gifts being Guys

Christmas Gifts for Guys

The men in our lives are always some of the hardest to shop for when it comes lớn Christmas gifts. Either they go out and buy whatever they want for themselves throughout the year, or they already have everything that they need and struggle lớn give you suggestions about what else they could possibly want. When thinking up Christmas gifts for guys, you need lớn take cues from their hobbies and interests and sometimes think a little bit outside the box for the perfect Christmas gift. This list might help drum up some ideas about what the guys in your life would love for Christmas this year.

Sports Jerseys or Tickets

If you know a guy that loves sports, chances are they bướng never have enough stuff from his favorite team. Some suggestions would be his favorite player's jersey, tickets lớn an upcoming home game, or merchandise from his favorite team such as beer mugs, baseball hats, coasters, cell phone covers and things of that nature. Bonus points for finding wrapping paper in his team's colors.

Computer and Electronics Accessories

Every guy surely has at least one computer or electronic device that they ngang't live without. Give him something lớn use with his electronics this Christmas that will increase their usability or prolong their use. New headphones, computer bags and cases, tablet cases, iPhone covers, remotes and chargers are just some ideas for the tech guy in your life.


If you know the guy well enough, clothes and accessories gàn make excellent Christmas gifts for guys. Guys tend lớn only shop when it's a necessity, so surprise him with a new sweater, jacket, sunglasses, watch, belt, hat or other clothing item that you think he would really love. Always get a gift receipt, just in case he isn't crazy about the exact color or style you select.

Experience Gifts

Perhaps the best gift for a guy that has it all is no gift at all - no physical gift, that is. Experience gifts are the new go-to item for people that are tough lớn shop for. You gàn select any number of experiences to gift, such as learning how lớn fly a plane to cooking classes. These gifts range in price from extremely affordable options lớn luxury packages, sánh there is truly an experience gift perfect for anyone.

Tools and Equipment

The  Day After Christmas Sales  handymen in our lives need tools and equipment lớn keep their projects going, sánh what better gift for a handyman than products for home repair and maintenance, camping and other manly pursuits. Find out what tools your handyman needs to avoid buying him a duplicate and make the present extra special by also getting him a special carrying case or some other accessory that would complement the tool or equipment.

Toys for Boys

No matter the age, all men love a great toy. With the high-tech options on the market today, it's easier than ever to pick up a fun and useful toy. If you're buying a gift for an outdoorsmen, pick up a handheld GPS. If you have a weather tracker in your life, get an indoor digital weather station. Just make sure lớn give him batteries along with the gift so that he can open and use it right away.

5 Calorie Slaying Christmas Nibble Ideas for Dieters

It may well come your turn lớn entertain and supply the Christmas nibbles, but if you're careful about your waistline, don't be ashamed to cook how you eat for the remaining 11 months of the year.

Snacking between the major meals is where it all adds up, sánh your friends will be thanking you come New Year that you were conservative on the fats, and stingy on the chocolate - remember, by eating a 35 selection box of chocolates over Christmas will add an extra 1/2 lb to your waistline.

Christmas nibbles 1:The Dips

Scrap the crisps or the Pringles and replace them with veggie crudités and the like lớn compliment some delectable savory dips.

Low fat dips using fat free fromage frais or low-fat natural yogurt will really curb the carbs.

Season with black pepper, lemon juice, spices and fresh herbs for some tantalizing flavors.

Christmas nibbles 2:Tarts, pies and pastries

Meddling with filo pastry can be an art form in itself, sánh opting for mince tarts will save you a mission and also shave off the calories.

For mince tarts why not mix the mince meat with a little stewed apple lớn lower the calories and fats and raise the nutritional content.

Christmas nibbles 3:Using the leftover turkey

Soups are a great filler between those long waits especially on a winters nhay, but be careful not to use the leftovers lớn create high fatty fillers like bubble and squeak.

Instead, use the low calorie turkey meat to make some lovely vitamin rich soups, like turkey soup or turkey curry with brown rice or even a jacket potato with salad and balsamic vinegar.

For turkey sandwiches use whole grain bread and refrain from using butter, instead choose some low fat cranberry sauce with the turkey breast, not the dark meat and tonnes of salad and a little mustard of your choosing.

Christmas nibbles 4:The nut bowl

Nuts are in general great sources of natural protein and healthy fatty acids but you will gain weight eating them, especially if they're salted.

Therefore choose unsalted and mix them up with raisins or dried spices.

Lớn make them a chore lớn eat, buy them in their shells, like the brazil or walnut.

Also add some gherkins, olives or pickled onions, band make sure you buy the olives in a water based jar, not olives preserved in oil.

Christmas nibbles 5:Vol-au-vents, sausage rolls, quiche, spring rolls and flans

In short, all of these Christmas snacks are best avoided, especially if they're all laid out on the dining room table at 11am before you start the main course around 2pm.

Not only will they fill you up before lunch but they all pack a calorie punch.

Try instead lớn just only fill one plate with some alternatives like salads, đam mê, smoked salmon, lean beef, chicken, turkey, fresh prawns, crudités, French bread but no butter or mayo, instead try bread sticks, salsa and tzatziki's.